We started our journey with the vision of making the work of our customers easier in every part of the world.

During our 8-year journey, we have achieved successful productions in various product families, and today we have become a company with a strong product family that creates value for all its customers.


With its experienced team, it has become an important brand in a wide geography, especially in Europe.

BDR Control; offers its customers advanced technology, high brand value and dynamic workforce.

BDR Control has more than 150 products in 8 product families, especially pressure switches.

These are Pressure Switches, Manometers, Thermo-Manometers, Chemical Liquids, Sensors.

BDR Control, which closely follows the international markets in related products, aims to catch up with the global competition conditions and reach world standards with the strength of all its companies, and takes firm steps forward for this purpose.

With the products under the umbrella of BDR Control, in addition to the financial obligations they perform, they add value to the society, environment and economy in all their activities.

We are working to create the standards of a better life by taking the lead of new discoveries that shape modern life.


We aim to become an internationally recognized brand that follows modern innovations and leads innovations, serves as an example to other competitor organizations. We aim to become a brand that provides equal service to all our customers, domestic and foreign, and that makes its customers feel safe about the products and meets all their expectations.


To offer high quality products affordable by all social classes,

To ensure the continuous development and a safe and happy workplace for the employees,

To ensure the continuous improvement of our products and to provide all kinds of convenience to our customers.

Our Values

We believe that our values are the only key to success in our future journey, which we take firm steps forward.
Respect and Honesty
Skilled Workforce
Quality assurance

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